Monday, January 5, 2009

Won FTP Holiday, 10000 entrants

I didn't play a lot of poker over the holidays but I am back in the saddle again. We are in Colombia visiting family and I get to play a lot of poker here since there is so much help with the kids.

Last week I won the FTP 100K Holiday freeroll. The tourney had 10,000 entrants, with 10K going to first. Definitely not my biggest payday, but beating 9,999 players is very cool!

I played again yesterday and played quite well. Even though I made a couple of mistakes, overall I am really pleased with how I am taking opportunities when I see them, while still being quite patient. In the Poker Stars $500 tourney, I was bombarded with quality starting hands yet I found myself losing half my stack. I stayed patient and eventually worked my way back only to bubble out very close to the money. It was frustrating, as I think I was playing quite well postflop to stay alive, and then misplayed a hand very close to the money. I am not sure it would have made a difference though, but a mistake is still a mistake.

I seem very focused and in control of what I want to do. There are fewer and fewer situations where I feel unsure of my preferred line of action.

Hopefully this is a good sign for a great 2009!