Friday, February 26, 2010

Won at Cake

I won the 20K guarantee last night good for $4,700.

I feel really, really good about how I played. I made the money with one of the short stacks and was short-stacked at the final table for quite some time. Actually, I think I started chipping up with around 5 to 6 players remaining. Made good laydowns, timely bluffs, learned my opponents well (1 guy always min-raised with weakish hands so I 3-bet the heck out of him), and was patient.

One tough hand - I believe we were 4-handed and I was 2nd in chips. I raised the button with A-Q and SB - the chip leader - was overbet and put me all-in. I put him on a middle pair and likely would call in normal situation. But, there was a short-stack at the table so I risked going out 4th when 3rd was very likely, and I felt like I was in control at the table with a great structure. No need to gamble so I folded.

There was another hand where I had Ax, flopped an ace, and I put my opponent exactly on KK and was able to get good value on both flop and river (I checked behind the turn to gain a bet on the river) - I liked that hand.

Feels good to get back in the win column.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Winning Poker Tournaments Volume II is #1 poker book at Amazon

Winning Poker Tournaments Volume II off to a good start.

The World Poker Travel Guide was also released in January.

I've been signing new book deals lately it seems like every month. I have signed a Brazilian company to the Portuguese rights of seven Dimat Books.

Upcoming releases:
Winning Poker Tournaments Volume III
Advanced Pot-Limit Omaha Volume II
Tournament Endgame Strategy
Untitled book on impact of fitness and diet on poker results
NL Tournament Strategy by Rizen - 2011
Meeting later today to discuss another potential project with an author