Thursday, March 12, 2009

Jeff Hwang cover contest for his next book

As many of you know, we signed Jeff Hwang to publish his next two books with Dimat. The first, titles Advanced Pot-Limit Omaha: Small Ball and Short-Handed Play should be coming out in the June/July time period. I've read through the draft and believe it will be required reading for all PLO players, and all Hold'em players looking to learn PLO (such as myself).

For those good at graphics, we are having a cover design contest for the book. See the details here:

I'll be traveling to Tunica this weekend to play in a $2,500 tourney on Sunday so won't be playing online this Sunday.

My WSOP plans are tentatively to go to Vegas from June 9th to the 21st and play about 11 events or so. Then I'll fly home, visit with family, get some rest, before flying back out on the 5th for the main event.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Woot - I cashed in the Stars Million!

I know, big deal...but my results have been terrible there. I've cashed 3 times since the beginning of 2008. Compare this to the FTP 750K tourney where I've had three top 20 finishes in that same time period plus another 5 or 6 other small cashes. I definitely prefer the FTP structure, but still, I've been really disappointed in my Stars results.

This cash was actually quite nerve-racking. They paid 1260 players, and there were 1261 players remaining, when the UTG big stack players raises to 9K. It is folded to me in the BB with TT. I haven't cashed in this tournament in several months and here I am thinking..beautiful, now I am going to bubble. I had a stack of 66K. The UTG has a wide range here trying to bully on the bubble so it was an easy push I think. He had AK and hit a K on the river. But we were now hand to hand, and the software was frozen, and then I found out that I actually finished 1251st so I got my cash, lol. So I finally cash, but on an unfortunate hand.

I finished 25th in the Cake tourney which was disappointing. I had a very weak table but went completely card dead.

On a better note, I'll be playing in the New Zealand Poker Championships in early April. This is a tournament I won back in 2002 so it will be fun to go back and see if I can get my title back.