Thursday, June 25, 2009

WSOP break

Recently got back from the WSOP. I spent 13 days there and played 5 events, making one small cash (my 11th lifetime). I expect to cash about 1 in 7 tourneys or so, so my one cash is really all I can expect - unfortunately I need a deeper cash to make money so came home with a small loss. I won a smallish online tourney good for $4500 while I was there so that helped cover some of my losses.

More importantly, I feel like I am playing quite well and in total control of what I want to do. I did play poorly in one tournament and knew I shouldn't have even played, so live and learn. The next week when not feeling quite up to playing I made the good decision to just sit out that day.

I'm at home now enjoying time with the family. On Saturday we take a week vacation to the beach and then I fly back to Vegas for the main event. I'm really excited about THE BIG ONE this year. They are giving us 30K in chips rather than 20K so that gives players like myself who thrive in deep stacks a little advantage. Hopefully I can make a nice deep run this year and create some real excitement.

During all of this, Dimat released another book - Advanced Pot-Limit Omaha by Jeff Hwang. I'm very excited about this book and think it will come required reading by all PLO players. Available at Amazon or the ITH store.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Follow me at the WSOP via text messages

The following is free and takes about 5-7 minutes to setup. You will receive text updates from me at the WSOP standard text message rates apply).

1. Register an account at
2. Turn on your Mobile Phone via your Twitter account (Step 3 after you've registered)
3. You'll receive a text message verifying once your phone is setup.
4. Go to
5. Select Follow
6. After you've selected Follow, you will see Click Device updates. Click it and turn it to on.

You will now receive text messages from me via Twitter!

I'll be playing from June 9th to the 21st and then start the main event on July 6th.

Hoping for a good summer! Matthew