Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Little blurbs on poker and life

- My first-born started Kindergarten last week. Quite exciting seeing the little one go off on his own.
- We're very close to having Spanish translation of Dimat books ready. We should be offering those in the Fall.
- Diana and I are going on a cruise next week. Very excited for some time away from the kids and some true R&R!
- The cruise has PokerPro electronic tables on it. Can't wait to eat up the tourists at the tables! I believe they play $1-$2 NL.
- I'm finally getting back to productive mode. The month after the WSOP is always a little lazy for me.
- I have been playing more poker. I am going to try and play Wednesday and Sunday tournaments, with a little PLO cash games mixed in for a few hours each week. But in reality, I usually only end up playing about 50% of the time on Sundays as family things often come up.
- Go Dawgs!