Thursday, July 8, 2010

95K at end of Day 1

Follow link for summary of my Day 1 action.

start play again on Friday.


Philip Hilger said...

where is the link?


liisads said...

hey mathew. its liisa sanchez from conyers. we had out 14th bday party jointly at your house. im sitting here with a young excited poker player and i suddenly remembered you wrote a book about poker. would this be a good book to buy for him to learn how to stick with some fundamental rules while playing that might help his game thus increasing his chances of winning? i showed him your blog.....fascinating! said...

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Anonymous said...


Would like to ask if you have an email address where in I can contact you,
need to ask you something regarding your site =)

I'll wait for your email...

Reese (

Anonymous said...

hi hope to hear from you =)