Monday, November 5, 2007

Another Deep Run Falls Short

I wasn't planning on playing Sunday as my father was suppose to come into town, but he missed his flight so I decided to play. I started at 4:30 and played 7 tournaments. Each Sunday I've been playing about 7-9 tourneys.

The two big ones each Sunday are the FTP and PS $1 million guarantees. I haven't been playing both for very long, but I think I have cashed in one or the other just about every Sunday I have played. Yesterday I kept that going with a small cash in the FTP million.

I busted in the UB 200K guarantee before the money but I really like that tournament. The blinds are quite small to your stack and they go up quite slowly so there is lots of time to look for good opportunities and play patient poker.

I went deep in the PS 2nd chance giving me my 2nd cash of the day which I guess isn't too bad out of 7 tourneys. I had twice the average stack for quite some time but went pretty card dead once we made the money. But I was still alive and kicking as we started getting closer and closer to the final table. Unfortunately, I missed out on 2 coin flips in fairly large pots and crashed out in 21st place. AlwaysLook was at my table. He never said for sure, but I am pretty confident that this is Luke Chesnick(? - sorry if I butchered your last name Luke) who I beat headsup in 2002 for the NZ poker championships. I still remember when my AQ beat his 33 when 2 pair hit the board. Anyhow, a good deep run but another frustrating finish. It seems like just a matter of time before I'll get my 2nd major online tourney win.

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