Friday, November 2, 2007

Halloween Fun

This halloween was a lot of fun as it was kind of the first where my oldest son understood what was going on. My two boys turn 4 and 2 this month. Joshua was Superman and Zachary was a Knight. With our neighbors, there were 3 supermans, a supergirl, and a superdog - how original lol. But Joshua started talking about being Superman at least a month ago. He was really into the whole thing.

One of our neighbors came up with a great idea. Call me lazy - but answering the door every 5-10 minutes to give out candy is a real drag. So our neighbor suggested that we setup a table out on the street and we basically just had a big block party on the street. All the kids just came up to the table and took candy from our bowls. We had about 15 of our kids running around playing while we drank and ate. My mother and stepfather also came over so it was a lot of fun.

Once the kids were ready to trick or treat we just walked around with them and then went back to the block party. It was a great idea and something I hope we do every year.

Joshua is usually a little timid at first with new people or new things, but this year he went right up to the door ready to ring the door bell. He told one neighbor "gracias" and it was just a blast watching him in action. Zachary says very few words right now but we got out thank you at every house which made us proud.

Work-wise, this hasn't been the most productive of weeks. I have been a little under-the-weather so not quite up to writing or editing. I have started getting feedback on my two new chapters that I will be adding to Internet Texas Hold'em that focuses on short-handed play. All the feedback has been quite positive and I'm excited with some of the suggestions which I think will make the chapters an even better read.

I guess this is as good a time as any to announce that the "2nd edition" of ITH will likely be retitled "Winning Strategies for Limit Hold'em". The new book will focus more on the strategies and concepts to make it applicable for both live and online play - so some, but not all, of the Internet stuff has been taken out. There is also a new chapter on Multi-way pots. Overall, it will read much better, has 3 new chapters, and will have about 50 new hand examples. I am aiming for a Spring release.

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