Wednesday, June 2, 2010

2 more cashes

Same lineup today except the Stars is a $330 on Wednesdays. I also played the $50 Stars at 9:30 so 7 tourneys tonight.

I finished 3rd in the Cake $100. Unlike last night, there weren´t a ton of suckouts and bad beats - just typical stuff mostly until the end. I made a pretty good call against chip leader when 3 were left who went allin with 2500-5000 blinds and I had 100K in chips (as well as my other opponent). He showed KQ which is pretty much what I put him on and maybe some small pairs. Unfortunately, the K fell on the river.

Cashed in the small Bodog tourney as well but busted in 18th as my trip Q's with A kicker lost to KK on a KQxQ board.

So once again, cashes in the little ones but I showed a $650 profit for the night so I'll take it.

Wrapped up a few things with Peak Performance Poker and sent it off to be typeset. We may get that book out in late July now.

I also sent Jeff back my comments on Parts I and II of APLO Volume II. Great stuff and a great complement to Volume I.

The kids are having a great time in Colombia and I've been quite productive with work, playing poker, and working out. I'm hoping to lose some more pounds while I'm here. Josh watched me play poker tonight and was quite interested and asking a lot of questions. Diana is still suffering from a hip injury but it's slowly getting better. I hope next week will be better for her as she needs some relaxation - our house is quite busy all day long!

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