Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Blog back to life

I'm in Colombia visiting family this month and hope to play a lot of online poker, so I'm going to write brief daily updates of my results and maybe a few key hands. Will be a way for me to track my results and anyone else can follow if it interests them :)

At the same time, I'm also very busy working on upcoming publications. I'm in the process of preparing Peak Performance Poker by Travis Steffen for the printer. This book should be released in August.

Jeff Hwang has sent me the manuscript for APLO II: LAG Play. I'm in the process of reading it to give Jeff my feedback and hope to have that finished this month as well. Jeff also hopes to have the manuscript for APLO III: The Short-Handed Workbook complete by the end of the month. We are shooting for a September/October release of both volumes.

Finally, I received some initial files last night from Tony Guerrera for Tournament Endgame Strategy. So he is hard at work as well and we'll try getting that out in the Fall.

Winning Poker Tournaments Volume III is on hiatus during the WSOP. We have about 1/3 of the book done and hopefully we can finish it up in the Fall as well.

So on to poker. I'm only playing the main event this year due to my Colombia vacation so I'll be arriving in Vegas July 5th. In the meantime, I hope to brush up on my game as I haven't played at all in over a month and very little the last few months. So last night I played my normal "nightlies". These include:
Pokerstars $150
FTP $150 75K guaranteed
Bodog $50 10K guaranteed
Cake, $100, $150, and $50 turbo.

So six tourneys is about all I can handle. I'll likely play a few $100 rebuys this month as well when I'm feeling fresh to practice up against better competition. Sometimes I throw in the $50 at FTP and Stars at 9:30 EST depending on how I'm feeling.

Last night, I finished 6th in the Cake 1k turbo good for $300 and 2nd in the $150 Cake nightly good for $2,250. Typical of my results this year as I´ve ran really well in the small tourneys at Cake and Bodog, but haven't done well in the bigger tourneys at Stars and FTP. Split A-J vs A-9 in the Cake nightly, or otherwise would have had a 300K to 40K chiplead headsup. But I got a lot of lucky breaks, as well as getting some unlucky ones. Overall played quite well although I think my opponent outplayed me headsup - might need to play some headsup tourneys this month as well.

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