Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday tourneys

Another profitable day and another Top 3 at Cake. I played 9 tourneys today and cashes in 3, with a 3rd place finish at Cake $100 buyin. I also cashed in the Stars Million which is pretty exciting for me as I haven't done that in a long while. Overall profit for the day was $700.

As always, I'm a little disappointed in my 3rd place finish. I had two tough competitors. One with a similar style as myself, and another who was basically running over the two of us. We had 60 big blinds though and I kept telling myself to stay patient, but the guy kept 3-betting, raising big preflop, and betting pot - not the kind of poker I like! I like small pots! So it was tough and I ended up losing my patience on last hand.

I limped A5s on button 3-handed with 1500-3000 blinds. I had about 180K. He raised to 19K or so and I called. Flop was KT2s. He bet half pot, something he normally doesn't do so I thought he might be weak, but of course that was wrong. He was weak all those times he bet pot! I floated him. The turn was the 3c. So now I have all kinds of outs. But of course, now he bets pot. Again, I start thinking maybe he is pushing me off the hand, I have a ton of outs, so I push. He turns over KQ and tourney done.

I hate losing 60 big blinds like that. I kept telling myself to be patient with all those blinds, but didn't. I should have picked a better spot. Maybe the turn wasn't terrible, but that flop was not a good one to float. I'm going to have to think through some strategy for this type of player in the future.

Overall, played well today though and am up $3,200 since arriving in Colombia over 3 nights of poker, so can't complain.

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