Monday, June 7, 2010

Another Final table, but...

I lost $750 for the night. I played 6 tourneys tonight and a winner take all satellite for $500 entry into Bodog WSOP tourney. I finished I finished 7th in the Cake $100. I really like these Cake tourneys. The structure is great and I get to practice a lot of final tables. I feel like my game is getting stronger and I'm much more confortable now late in tourneys than I used to me.

Oh well, I'm going to win one of these.

For the month, I'm up $2,450 over 4 nights.

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JR said...

Found this blog through a friend and just wanted to say that $2500 up after 4 nights is absolutely amazing. If I'm $1000 after a month I'd be delighted. Really impressive stats.