Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tough day at the office

losing days happen, but it sucks when you really feel on top of your game. I was really pleased with how I played today. I felt like Hellmuth - dodging bullets only to bounce back again. I really was on top of my game...folding flushes, losing the minimum with big hands, inducing bluffs, making the right calls with medicre hands. But some really tough luck today in key pots. AK loses to AQ, Ak loses to A7, Kk loses to AA. i lost a few coin flips in pretty decent sized pots as well. I would have been top 50 at FTP with 1800 remaining if I had won AK vs AQ.

On well, that is the way it goes.

In other news, Go New Zealand! They tied Italy today 1-1.

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yogi said...

Yeah Mathew you write wonderful books on poker. I like it very much, keep up the good work!!! The way you approach the game has Zen quality in it. Very deep understanding of the game. Peace...Zokir Abduhamedov.